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Epic adventures to a wonderful place!
Throughout all the years of our operation we pride ourselves as our name suggests as a full-service travel company committed to serving our clients with the best safaris in Uganda, the Pearl of Africa and East Africa in general. Our chief aim is to provide our clients with a complete safari satisfaction.
Our team is composed of knowledgeable, highly qualified professionals with tremendous wealth of experience in Tour and Travel services, a combined youthful enthusiasm and creative spirit, and an in-depth knowledge of all our products and services in all aspects of tourism management making them capable of meeting every customer’s needs to guarantee a lifetime experience in the Pearl of Africa and in addition they know the East African wildlife landscape as you know the palm of your hand!

To lead the operation of touristic services in East Africa through customer satisfaction, embracing the use of technology and innovations to improve the delivery of services to our Clients.
To be a reputable company with outstanding excellence in the service industry and with exemplary relations within the service industry.

A tour and travel company committed to customer satisfaction. We seek to always provide professional solutions.
We want to create value and to make a difference; that is why we support sustainable and responsible tourism.

We are committed to understanding your travel needs so that we can design a travel solution that meets your specific requirements recognizing that a good service is more than a competitive price-it’s a near-obsessive attention to detail that transforms a good experience into an exceptional one.

The core values of Best of Uganda Safaris are exceptional customer service, loyalty and integrity, communication, innovation, quality, team work and responsibility.
We offer standardized high quality level of services to all out Clients.
We comply with strict principles of professional conduct and ethics.
Our professional team not only arranges great safari solutions, but they also take a proactive approach to solve challenges by making the right decisions.

We have the commitment and the passion to satisfy our clients travel needs and we always manage to accomplish it.

Our standards are high and they are reflected in all our operations.

Our emphasis on communication for both external and internal makes us serve our Clients as they deserve.

We always aim at staying on the top of the tour and travel industry and to do that we are committed to bringing ground breaking travel solutions.

In all our services our true quality lies in our commitment to honor our promises to our Clients thus creating tangible results and benefits.

Trust, mutual respect and enthusiasm are the angular stones of our team work.
Whenever you want to travel to East Africa your choice is BEST OF UGANDA SAFARIS LTD, we invite you to experience the ultimate safaris experience in the pearl of Africa. Take a walk in the tropical rain forests, visit and track the endangered rare mountain Gorillas, join the great tree climbing lions on the hunt and/or engage in rafting activities on the world’s most powerful waterfall on the great River Nile. You will experience an adventure unmatched anywhere in the world as you bask in the sun and get lost in the cool breeze and whispering voices of the African wilds while reconnecting with Mother Nature.
So whether you are looking for a gate away moment, an adventure, eco-tourism or a safari, the Pearl of Africa with its rich diverse natural beauty is the ultimate place to have your dream vacation.

WHAT WE DO FOR YOU (services to make your travel easier)
Best of Uganda Safaris has the knowledge and expertise to organize and deliver all travel and tour requests no matter how big or small or unique the needs are. Our passion stems from managing and analyzing all the details that embody leisure travel.
Among others we provide our esteemed customers with the following services
 Airport meet/Greet and farewell
 Hotel or accommodation types booking
 Securing entrance permits for game park safaris
 Private transfers
 Shuttle transfers
 Honey moon packages
 Personalized services
 Air ticketing
 One day tours (adventures, nature and cultural)
 Multi-day packages
 Conference and event attendance
 other

 We are a travel agency based in Uganda, the pearl of Africa with a professional team that best knows the jungles that make our land the ultimate travel destination for millions of tourists all over the world.
 Our expertise, professional and high Quality Customer service will help create for you and your loved ones the perfect vacation packages.
 We have a combined experience of over twenty years in the travel business.
 We are a member of different prestigious and regulatory organizations related to the travel industry.
 We deliver epic adventures to a wonderful place!


He is also the owner of Best of Uganda Safaris. His wide experience and efficient management makes the perfect combination with the other Best of Uganda Safaris Staff. He is committed to give the best possible service you can get.
He is the Co-owner and is in charge of sales and marketing Department of the company. His wide tourism experience and vast knowledge of the tourism service industry makes him the key player in the daily operations. His job is to get more clients and create innovating packages and solutions for the clients.

1. It’s the pearl of Africa
2. It’s a home to more than half of the world’s population of the rare endangered Mountain Gorillas.
3. It’s the source of the Great River Nile, the longest river in the world.
4. Blessed with vast and diverse nature and wildlife.
5. Has arguably the most welcoming people in the world.
6. Rich in culture
7. Peace
8. Safety is guaranteed
9. Has the most fun safaris and travel destinations
10. Cost friendly vacations.

Epic adventures to a wonderful place!